Q: How soon can services begin?

A: Unfortunately, Medicare does not currently cover long-term care.

Each situation is unique, however, if there is an immediate need we can provide a personal attendant the very next day. If you foresee a need for care, contacting us 2 weeks prior to the date care is needed is ideal, but not required. We want to meet your family’s need as soon as they arise.

Q: Does Calla accept insurance?

Calla is a private pay agency. Upon request, we can provide a detailed list of services that can be sent to the individual’s insurance company for potential reimbursement.

Q: Does Calla accept Medicare?

A: Calla does not accept Medicaid, however, if you or your loved one is looking for Personal Attendant Services the Calla Care Coordinator would be happy to connect you with our partner agency Helping Restore Ability. This referral process is simplified because we streamline referrals and are very closely connected with the agency.

A: What makes Calla different from other private pay agencies?

Calla strives to help all Texans with disabilities regardless of income status. That is why for every 2 hours of care purchased through Calla, one hour of care is supported for a low-income individual in the community through CallaCares. The administrating agency provides the same level of service and care to individuals with disabilities who do not have the resources to pay for service. By choosing Calla, you are supporting a low-income child or adult with a disability to stay in their home and out of a state facility.