We believe our clients' best interests are served when they are informed.  At Calla, we work hard to help clients navigate the complexities in our healthcare system and stay knowledgeable about home care services and other challenges facing our community and country.  Over time, we will continue to share relevant and important information, so please check periodically to stay current.

Recent Posts

Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Help

By Calla | November 11, 2019

As the holidays approach many families will be gathering to celebrate and enjoy time together. This is often a time of joy and happiness; however, for those with aging parents, it can be a time of concern. For several months your loved one may have been telling you that everything was fine, but as you…

Model Behavior: Encouraging Your Children to Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

By Calla | November 5, 2019

No matter a child’s physical or mental abilities, healthy lifestyle choices are important to overall wellbeing. Today, guest writer, Amanda Henderson, gives some easy and practical ways that you can encourage your child to develop positive lifestyle habits early. By: Amanda Henderson, Safe Children Children are bombarded by negative influences every day through television, computer…